François Bertaux

quantitative biology


Shared equal authorship marked with an asterix.


External control of microbial populations for bioproduction: A modeling and optimization viewpoint
Current Opinion in Systems Biology, October 2021
François Bertaux, Jakob Ruess, Gregory Batt

A light tunable differentiation system for the creation and control of consortia in yeast
Nature Communications, October 2021
Chetan Aditya, François Bertaux, Gregory Batt, Jakob Ruess

Enhancing bioreactor arrays for automated measurements and reactive control with ReacSight
bioRxiv for now
François Bertaux, Sebastian Sosa-Carrillo, Achille Fraisse, Chetan Aditya, Mariela Furstenheim, Gregory Batt

Using single-cell models to predict the functionality of synthetic circuits at the population scale
bioRxiv for now
Chetan Aditya, François Bertaux, Gregory Batt, Jakob Ruess


A bacterial size law revealed by a coarse-grained model of cell physiology
PLoS Computational Biology, September 2020
François Bertaux, Julius von Kügelgen, Samuel Marguerat, Vahid Shahrezaei

Size-Dependent Increase in RNA Polymerase II Initiation Rates Mediates Gene Expression Scaling with Cell Size
Current Biology, February 2020
Xi-Ming Sun*, Anthony Bowman*, Miles Priestman, François Bertaux, Amalia Martinez-Segura, Wenhao Tang, Chad Whilding, Dirk Dormann, Vahid Shahrezaei, Samuel Marguerat


Single-cell imaging and RNA sequencing reveal patterns of gene expression heterogeneity during fission yeast growth and adaptation
Nature Microbiology, February 2019
Malika Saint, François Bertaux*, Wenhao Tang*, Xi-Ming Sun, Laurence Game, Anna Köferle, Jürg Bähler, Vahid Shahrezaei, Samuel Marguerat

bayNorm: Bayesian gene expression recovery, imputation and normalisation for single cell RNA-sequencing data
Bioinformatics, October 2019
Wenhao Tang, François Bertaux, Philipp Thomas, Claire Stefanelli, Malika Saint, Samuel Marguerat, Vahid Shahrezaei


Division rate, cell size and proteome allocation: impact on gene expression noise and implications for the dynamics of genetic circuits [PDF]
Royal Society Open Science, March 2018
François Bertaux, Samuel Marguerat, Vahid Shahrezaei

Model Prediction and Validation of an Order Mechanism Controlling the Spatiotemporal Phenotype of Early Hepatocellular Carcinoma [PDF]
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, March 2018
Stefan Hoehme*, François Bertaux*, William Weens, Bettina Grasl-Kraupp, Jan G. Hengstler, Dirk Drasdo*


Abstracting the Dynamics of Biological Pathways using Information Theory: A Case Study of Apoptosis Pathway
Bioinformatics, February 2017
Sucheendra K. Palaniappan, François Bertaux, Matthieu Pichene, Eric Fabre, Gregory Batt, Blaise Genest

[BOOK CHAPTER] System Modeling of Receptor-Induced Apoptosis
TRAIL, Fas Ligand, TNF and TLR3 in Cancer, Springer, July 2017
François Bertaux, Dirk Drasdo, Gregory Batt


Modeling Dynamics of Cell-to-Cell Variability in TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis Explains Fractional Killing and Predicts Reversible Resistance [PDF] [SI]
PLoS Computational Biology, October 2014
François Bertaux, Szymon Stoma, Dirk Drasdo, Gregory Batt

Maximum-Likelihood Inference of Population Size Contractions from Microsatellite Data
Molecular Biology and Evolution, July 2014
Raphaël Leblois, Pierre Pudlo, Joseph Néron, François Bertaux, Champak Reddy Beeravolu, Renaud Vitalis, François Rousset


STL-based Analysis of TRAIL-induced Apoptosis Challenges the Notion of Type I/Type II Cell Line Classification [PDF]
PLoS Computational Biology, May 2013
Szymon Stoma, Alexandre Donzé, François Bertaux, Oded Maler, Gregory Batt


Invited talk at the single-cell omics thematics session of JOBIM, Nantes, July 2019

Invited talk at the Computational Systems Biology of Cancer workshop, Paris, January 2018

Contributed talk at the BioSynSys conference, Montpellier, October 2017

Contributed poster at the EMBO Cell size regulation conference, Joachimsthal, September 2016

Contributed talk at the Design, Optimization and Control conference, Paris, November 2015

Contributed talk at Lyon SysBio conference, Lyon, November 2014

Contributed poster at the q-bio summer conference, Santa Fe, August 2014

Contributed poster at SBHD conference (Systems Biology of Human Disease), Boston, June 2014

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